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About Us

We buy big engined petrol cars for cash!

No restriction on the types of cars that we purchase in Cash For Cars Ireland.

Cash For Cars Ireland is owned by Ron Chawke, formerly of Ron Chawke Motors in Ashbourne, Co Meath. Mr Chawke has been in the motor trade for over 25 years.

Mr Chawke has had a passion for cars from an early age and bought his first car when he was only only 13. He trained as a mechanic with ANCO (now FAS) in Finglas. He completed his exams in Bolton Street in Dublin.

Mr Chawke worked in the car recovery business for 15 years. He served as a former chairman of the SIMI (The Society of the Irish Motor Industry), in the recovery section.

Ron Chawke served as a former chairman of the SIMI (The Society of the Irish Motor Industry)

Ron Chawke Motors operated in the Ashbourne area in Co. Meath until 2007, when Mr Chawke became aware of the changing economic climate, and closed the business.

Ron has built up a wide network of strong connections throughout the motor industry in Ireland and abroad that enables him to sell cars quickly for customers hassle free, because he knows where there is a demand for any type of car and what the right price is.

He is an expert in finding a buyer for any type of car, whether commercial or private and getting the best price for the customer. Cash For Cars Ireland has connections for every make, model and manufacturer of car bought and sold in Ireland.

If you are looking to sell your car for cash, and would prefer it to be hassle free, please call us now.